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That’s A Bad Day


…. little did the driver of a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder know that just 20 minutes after they would leave the showroom with their supercar, it would be scattered across a highway in West Yorkshire, U.K., totaled and in pieces.

That was the case after the “brand new” car wound up stopped on a highway in West Yorkshire after experiencing mechanical failure. While waiting for assistance and broken down, the car was slammed into from behind by an “innocent motorist” on the same highway, according to CNBC

The accident took place on Wednesday and left the Italian-made car in a wrecked heap of metal. Even the West Yorkshire Police Roads Policing Unit had to cringe a bit on Twitter before sharing photographs of the wreck.

“It’s only a car,” they wrote in jest on Twitter, saying the Lamborghini was just “20 minutes old”. They used the hashtag “#CouldHaveCried” in their Tweet. 

1 thought on “That’s A Bad Day”

  1. “Hit from behind by an innocent motorist…”

    This is what is wrong today. People cannot look at facts in front of them and draw obvious and correct conclusions.

    In this case:

    “Hit from behind by a motorist who was guilty as hell…[of failing to maintain control of their vehicle]”


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