Savage 99 & Accessories


Man. What a classic. Whoever took this picture hit every point that appeals to me. A classic rifle. The Savage 99 and various cleaning products from the period. You know what a sucker I am for vintage shooting accessories and guns.


  1. Fine M99 and accessories. Can’t remember. Did most all of the M99’s have some roll engraving on receiver? Shoulda coulda woulda bought one (~70 years ago) we had in little sporting goods store. .250-.3000 if memory serves. This was in Ohio and deer were just coming back but it was not legal to shoot them with anything but slugs. Slugs still hold reign in OH i think.

  2. Yeah all the ones I’ve see were bare. There was once a who wall of them at the local gun store years ago. All different flavors but no engraving.

  3. Awesome Model 99 !! Years ago, when I wanted to determine what would be the very best short to medium range, ‘woods rifle’ I chose what U believe to be the ultimate, a Savage Model 99A [ aka ’99-358′ ] in .358 Winchester. It offered literally everything I thought belonged on this type of weapon. [ RE: Great caliber capable of taking almost anything encountered. 22″ barrel, reasonable OAL, 6 rd rotary magazine, with ‘counter window’, lever action for rapid repeat shots, & at only 7 lbs. ] Now that is an awsome woods rifle ! And to answer another Poster’s question, no, the Savage 99’s I’m aware of never exhibited any engraving or embellishment on their receivers. I still possess this great rifle, although I haven’t been up to the Maine Allegash region in over 25 years now. Mine was one of the last 99’s ever made, being produced in 1977 or 1978. If you can manage to locate a decent one for sale, you definitely should grab it as they’re ever rising in value, especially these days. And, don’t overlook the often encountered .300 Savage chambering, as it will pretty much accomplish everything the the .308 Winchester will, although being slightly less in muzzle velocity. Good Luck !!

    Best regards, Dom Pastore Jr. / dpast32

    • I Don’t know why you would think I beleive the savage 99 to be the ultimate. I like them but I’d walk past 100 savage model 99s for one pre 64 model 70

  4. Arthur Savage was an interesting character. The Savage 95, and then later, 99, rifles were clearly new/unique designs.

    Where the 99 succeeds so well is in the rotary magazine, and later detachable box magazine. The DBM on a rifle was first done, near as I can tell, by Arthur Savage.

    Now compare the ergonomics of the 99 vs. the Winchester 1895. The 99 remains slim where you want to carry the rifle, and the 1895 does not. These two approaches to how to handle Spitzer (pointed bullet) ammunition differ widely, and I think the 99 comes away as the far better of the two.


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