Model 8 Remington


I Don’t know why I have always liked these. This one above is in terrific condition. It is chambered in .35 Remington.


  1. Uh, because it is a JMB design?

    Because it is one of the very first commercially successful semi-auto rifle designs and introductions?

    Because it was chambered in cartridges that could bring down real game?

    Because in the hands of Frank Hamer, it brought an end to a couple of killers who were being celebrated by the media?

    There’s all sorts of reasons to like a Model 8, especially in .35 Remington.

  2. I have one and tis a fine rifle,was found on the property my parents bought when I was a kid,a few cabins for summer on it,found that and a lot of other nice stuff including some valuable paintings,all of which including the Remington has been passed onto me.

  3. I bought one a couple of years ago when it looked like PA was going to allow semis for deer.

    It is a neat rifle, though I have quite decided what to do with it yet.

    Fun side note: the fit nicely in the nylon case for the takedown rugers.

  4. In most of the pictures where JMB is holding a rifle, it’s either the BAR or a Model 8. There’s one of Browning and his relatives hunting, and most of them are holding Model 8s.


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