Second amendment will very soon, be back at US Supreme Court- 10 petitions pending


“But hey, without unconstitutional gun laws on the books we wouldn’t be able to pander to our gun loving voters for votes (GOP politicians), we wouldn’t be able to receive donations to fight gun laws (NRA and others), and we wouldn’t be able to sell millions of guns and ammo during panics when legislation is being talked about (gun industry).”

From the article:

“…On Monday, the justices, by a 6-3 vote, dismissed the case as moot. The same day, they added ten held-over Second Amendment petitions to the Court’s calendar. These are petitions that were being held pending the Court’s decision in the New York case. The justices will discuss these petitions Friday, with decisions likely to be released on Monday.

Five of the petitions challenge various states’ “good reason” restrictions on the right to carry a weapon outside the home. Eight states issue carry permits provided that the applicant meets certain objective criteria (e.g. a criminal background check) as well as the vague subjective criterion that the applicant demonstrates a justified need to carry a firearm, often determined by a local sheriff. This has long been thought unconstitutional, and with good reason: No other constitutional right can be conditioned on the subjective determination of a local official. I wouldn’t want a Sheriff Sheldon Whitehouse determining whether I can carry a gun.

Another petition challenges California’s microstamping requirement, which requires new pistols to stamp the casing with an identifiable mark for better tracking. Problem is, no gun manufacturer has figured out how to do this. It’s akin to a law saying people have a right to free speech only if they’ve turned lead into gold….”


  1. Thank goodness SCOTUS isn’t, you know, influenced by the fact it’s an election year…
    Sarcasm aside it would be real nice if the court overturned the microstamping requirement, requiring someone do the impossible, such as asking a liberal to think critically is nonsensicle.
    It has been a nice perk for LEO since they are exempt and can resell off roster firearms to second class citizens such as myself.
    If you had told me 40 years ago that large swathes of the USA would have a formal caste system (LEO Bill of Rights) I would have laughed at you.

  2. The article you cite is almost 2 months .

    All 10 cases have been denied cart in the last week.

    2a is the orphaned right.

    • a major mess up with when I put it up and scheduled it post later. and apparently I scheduled it a lot later than I thought. oops.

      get over it. read another post. accidents happen. I promise your day isnt fucking ruined over it


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