A Rare S&W


This S&W is a bit more rare than the ones Karl has been taking pictures of. It’s not a rare model or variant though. It’s history makes it something rare in private ownership.

This one was used in a self defense shooting to kill a man.

My friend owns this gun. It was his father’s who was in law enforcement and in the early 1980s, this one was used by a fellow in Kermit, WV to kill a guy who was involved in an armed robbery. After it was all over, the original owner gave it to my friend’s Dad to keep.


  1. I’ve never been able to wrap my hand around that mentality, wherein someone attaches agency to an inanimate object that was used in a self-defense situation that resulted in the death of someone. It’s like “Yeah, I did that, but I can’t handle the repercussions…”. Dude, if killing another human being bothered you, why did you arm yourself in the first damn place? The ones who go out and get a replacement gun after disposing of the one they used to kill someone lawfully just blow my mind–What, you think the gun had something to do with it, and that by disposing of it, you’ve gotten out of accountability for what you did?

    Kill, don’t kill, or just stand there, I don’t care which you do. But, for the love of Christ, own what you do.

    • no it wasnt like that. the cop had it while the investigation went though. and then the owner just let him keep it because he became very ill and then died

      • I have seen more than a few people who have done precisely as I describe, however.

        The mentality of a lot of people who carry guns isn’t exactly what I’d term consistent, or logical. Of course, all too many buy into the whole “magical thinking” aspect of it all, where the gun is a talisman against evil instead of an inanimate tool.

        Give you an idea of how asinine some of these people can get, an acquaintance of mine amassed a rather impressive collection of WWII weapons. On his death, his wife had them all destroyed on the theory that they were somehow “contaminated” by “all the deaths they caused…”. There were things in that collection that I’d never seen in the flesh before or since…


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