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Make Up or Share a New Gun Myth

There is a really fun thread going on over at B-ARFCOM right now. The idea being to make up a new gun myth. A selected few below.

The M-16 was developed during WWI. Proof: 1911 was developed in 1911. The 1903 was developed in 1903. The AK 47 was developed in 1947. Therefor the M-16 was developed in 1916.

The more ‘Stuff’…lights, scopes, lasers, night vision, forward grips, etc. you hand on your go-to rifle, the more dangerous it is, and they all enhance your accuracy .The corrolarry is that the more you have on it the less you need to practice/ train, because you automatically shoot better.

My favorite“The Supreme Court cares about the 2nd Amendment” Can also sub the NRA for SCOTUS..

The Glock points just like an extension of your hand. If you hear a noise in a dark room, all you have to do is shoot toward the noise and whatever it is, you’ll hit it. That’s how naturally the Glock points.”

you can pull the bullet on a 22lr and use the primed case and powder and an improvised primer for 50 BMG

People shot at Sea Level have more damage,due to the higher velocity achieved there

Brass cases ejected from the HK 91 7.62 rifle have actually caused fatalities

The developer of the Shield line of guns gets paid by the ampersand. I laughed hard at that one.

If you use a three prong flash hider the “ping” from shooting will give away your position.

Thirty round magazines were first developed in Nazi germany for the STG44. The number 30 was picked because this is the common classroom size, and SS soliders were engaging in school shootings several times a week. Fast forward to 2020, and 30 round magazines are the weapon of choice for such atrocities at home. We must take action to remove these from the streets

9mm is far superior to any other round

The Mini-30 was actually developed as part of a larger plan to draft massive numbers of civilians into the armed forces for an invasion of the USSR. The idea was that it was simpler to use than the M-16, cheaper to produce, and the mostly untrained US conscripts could scavenge ammo from fallen Soviet soldiers and stockpiles

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4 thoughts on “Make Up or Share a New Gun Myth”

  1. I’ll just toss out these:

    “Assault weapons are high-powered weapons, much higher power than needed for hunting deer.”

    “My AR (or other rifle) can make one-hole groups, ‘all day long’.”

    “Birdshot is useless for home defense.”

    “A CNC machine can make a Colt Python for less than $1000!”

    • I hear the birdshot thing all the time and have wondered about it. While it’s not buckshot, I would not want to be shot by a load of birdshot at home defence range. It would put me right off, I reckon.

  2. “If you use a three prong flash hider the “ping” from shooting will give away your position.“
    You wouldn’t believe how many people gripe about my flash hider ringing yet have no problem with huge side blast from brakes.


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