Grey Man Tactical Introduces the RMP


Lafayette, LA – Made in the USA, Grey Man Tactical™ provides ease of transportation, organization and concealment for a wide variety of firearms, medical supplies, hunting and overland gear. CEO Paul Capdepon saw the need for everyday carry items to be organized and transported discreetly. This led to the patented RMP Series [Rigid MOLLE Panel]™, designed for ultimate efficiency in conquering your gear.

Each RMP™ is built from a durable, sag-resistant High Density Polyethylene, giving it the durability needed to withstand everyday use. Grey Man Tactical™ manufactures an array of sizes ranging from backpack to vehicle applications, ensuring there is an option ideally suited for the user’s needs. The versatile 15.25 X 25 Heavy Duty RMP™ is manufactured with injection-molded Glass Reinforced Nylon Polymer to increase strength and prevent sagging when mounting heavy items, providing durable organization and rapid accessibility. The RMP Series™ is offered with locks and a covert RMP Cover™ to provide unrivaled concealment and security of your everyday gear.

Mounting an RMP™ to a seat back can be done in under 60 seconds with no drilling or tools required. For mounting to a case, safe, wall or any hard surface, Grey Man Tactical™ provides pre-drilled holes to line up with designated mounting points.

Every Grey Man Tactical™ product is tested and evaluated for durability in the most adverse and demanding conditions to ensure quality. The RMP Series™ has been deployed by the United States Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy, Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), Federal Bureau of Investigation and many other law enforcement agencies. Grey Man Tactical™ delivers a battle-tested and proven product that can be implemented in any mission. When purchasing a Grey Man Tactical™ product, know you’re getting American-made quality that will last a lifetime.

Grey Man Tactical™ has developed the Vehicle, Backpack, Case and Safe RMP Series™ and accessories to fit all your organizational needs. Key features of the RMP Series™ include: Patented RMP [Rigid MOLLE Panel]™ grid design Multiple mounting options for easy installation on any surface Consistent positioning of critical gear enables quick access Universal MOLLE compatibility for customization Weather resistant, fire resistant, non-corrosive build Load-bearing, sag-resistant construction RMP Backer Plate Series™ enables seamless hard mounting of gear RMP™ can be quickly reorganized or interchanged for next task Hand-finished, American made craftsmanship


  1. Perhaps I am misunderstanding the meaning of “gray man.” Having all of the … articles … arranged as shown would certainly seem to be convenient, but would be quite visible from outside the vehicle. That doesn’t seem very subtle or inconspicuous.

    I use something like these grids on the inner lid of a Pelican case to help organize my truck’s emergency kit, and for that it’s great; but the case is fully hidden from view by a dog hammock in the back seat.


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