Colt Python & Diamondback


I got tired of all those S&W pictures. So today is a 70s era Colt Python.

Bonus is a python with a Colt Diamondback in .22 long rifle.


  1. I’ve been shooting in Australia for over 40 years and I have seen 1 colt revolver and exaxtly no semi-autos in the metal. S&W revolvers and STI, Springfield, Tanfoglio, Walther, SIG, lots of CZ and the odd Berretta semi-auto, but just 1 solitary colt revolver in all that time. They pop up occasionally on the used guns websites.

    Colt just isn’t a thing in this neighbourhood.

    • That’s weird. Distribution problems, do you think? Colt’s not a massive manufacturer, and Oz isn’t a huge market, but both are large enough that I’d think the overlap in the Venn diagram should be > 1.

      Are semi-auto handguns banned for you guys or just semi-auto long guns?

      • I know…go figger, huh? I’d like to try a Python due to their legendary reputation, but may have to wait for a trip to the US sometime.

        Just long guns banned here. I own 2 semiauto pistols…an STI 1911 and a Walther PPQ. I know guys who own half a dozen of various types. Not like the States of course, but better than England, Japan and a lot of other places.

        • Speaking of the New Python, Shawn, have you gotten your T&E from Colt yet or is it still stuck in Covid jail?

          I read a really positive review of it yesterday and wondered when you’d get yours. Did I just miss it somewhere along the way?

          • No not yet. I was on a list and would have gotten it after another writer. and when the wuhan hit, it backed everything up. So I have to wait for the other guy to finish with one and send it back. I will give Baldini a call monday and see if I can get things moving faster.

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