The Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster


B-arfcom user realwar put together this post today and it was worthy of sharing I thought.

Ice on the tower hours before launch

Grey smoke escaping from the right side booster

Challenger cockpit

Debris – Recovered right solid rocket booster showing the hole caused by the plume

Challenger remains buried in a former missile silo

The remains of the Challenger crew are transferred to a C-141 at the NASA KSC Shuttle Landing Facility, bound for Dover Air Force Base, Delaware.

Fragment of Challenger’s fuselage on display as part of the “Forever Remembered” installation at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in 2015


  1. Here’s a name everyone should remember:

    Roger Boisjoly.

    Boisjoly was the mechanical engineer who warned Morton Thiokol’s management that the trend of data showed that “the lower the temperature at launch, the greater the erosion of SRB joint O-rings.”

    Boisjoly has now passed on since about eight years ago, but the man nearly got into a physical altercation with management over their dismissal of his objections to launch of STS-51L in the predicted temperatures.

    Well, management got their way, and the rest is history.

    I’ve been an advocate for some time for engineers to be able to force the summary firing of an entire management chain when they ignore engineer’s/engineers’ warnings that lead to loss of mission/loss of life incidents. Ideally, I’d like to call for summary executions of management, but I know we won’t be able to make that happen. But mandatory firings of management at public corporations for ignoring engineering warnings? That I think we could manage.


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