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Misc chatter

I finished the M500A2 MEK shotgun project. Finally got the last piece I needed in last week. I’ll need to write about that.

Brent Sauer sent in another guest post. That will likely be posted up tomorrow.

I can’t recall if I have posted this before, I know I have referenced it. But I love this firearm purchase checklist I found online.

I’ve been reading a fair bit about the FN SCAR rifles reciently and I am amazed at how many problems I hear. I read about guns damaged because a silencer was used on them. Guns damaged because someone changed the stock. Damaged because the wrong mags were used. Etc. Doesn’t really inspire confidence.

Do any of who know who made or a source for this combination eyelet and jag? It lets you use a standard patch and when you pull it though the bore unlike your average jag which you push though the bore.

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  1. (overheard at the gun store) “Your wife called before you got here and said it was OK to buy it.”

    Sure she did.


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