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This lady is a real peach. High IQ video. NSFW urban patois.

This video has ALL the arguments for Gun Control:

  • Looter knew they should not be armed
  • Looter planned on looting the building
  • Looter knew about insurance
  • Looter threatens to burn building down
  • African American angry at alleged Africans defending their store
  • Looter wants to go to cops, because she can’t loot.


  1. I spewed Dr. Pepper thru my nose when she said “Ay-Rab”.

    Word: If you have a bit of sinus issue, Dr. Pepper will clean that stuff right out!

  2. Fun little fact:

    Black women are some of the most racist people you will ever meet. And it starts when they’re young.

    I learned a lot in Trinidad at TSJC by going to the cafeteria and just listening to the students around me. There were lots of black students from places like Texas and Oklahoma at TSJC. Don’t know why.

    But their conversations were very interesting to listen to.


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