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He Was Surprised By The FOOM! ( HillBilly IED Edition)

Making home made bombs is a risky and dangerous endeavor. Best left to ROP or EOD guys. Lesson’s learned from shoddy worksmanship can cost you your right arm.

RICHLANDS, Va. (WWBT) – A man has been charged with one count of lying to federal agents about the cause of his injuries and whether or not he had explosives. “I swear my right hand to god officer! I had a lawn mowing accident”

Officials said Cole Carini, 23, showed up at a health clinic on June 3 with an amputated hand, amputated fingers on the opposite hand, and shrapnel wounds to the neck and throat.

While being interviewed by officers, Carini told them his injuries were caused by a lawnmower accident at his home.

Hey, these things happen.

“During a search of Carini’s home, agents found the lawn was overgrown and found no other evidence indicating a lawn mower had recently been used. They did, however, find evidence of an explosion, more consistent with the types of injuries Carini had suffered. Agents also discovered significant quantities of what is believed to be Triacetone Triperoxide, an explosive substance used in the creation of improvised explosive devices,” a release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Western District of Virginia said.

When agents questioned him again, they say Carini insisted that the injuries were from when his lawnmower flipped while mowing grass. They say he also told them he did not have explosives in the home.

Authorities continue to investigate.

Leave the US Army FM on Improvised Explosives and Asymmetrical Warfare on the book shelf. You will still have your jacking hand if you take my advice.


5 thoughts on “He Was Surprised By The FOOM! ( HillBilly IED Edition)”

  1. Your advice a bit late for me though agree it is sound advice.

    On the upside,after using what was made(the 4th and all,not trying to blow up neighborhood ect.)in a old sand pit decided that was the end of the cookbook experiments,was a tad bit more “FOOM” then expected,luckily no people or animals were injured in said experiment.

  2. Not a fan of the homemade bang-stuff, TBH. Too many variables, too many things to go wrong.

    Anyone who does a lick of research into this area, from the early days of gunpowder (black powder, that is…) to the present will have run into a myriad of cases where even the professionals have screwed something up, and blown up a significant amount of stuff with their f-up. Knowing that, homey ain’t screwing around with that stuff unless there is a damn good reason, and recreational blasting ain’t it.

    Friend of mine is an industrial chemical engineer, and he got his start as a kid playing around with the Anarchist Cookbook–Fun and games only, nothing revolutionary. His opinion now, after decades of experience in the chemical industry, is that the guy who wrote that book was a.) an utter imbecile, and b.) likely working for the FBI and/or CIA, ‘cos most of what’s in it is going to result in a “workplace accident”.

      • As well he should. That book of his has probably killed more wannabe leftoid “fighters” than anything short of the Argentinean aviation regiments.


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