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2 thoughts on “Maco . 45 Automatic Pistol”

  1. Betraying my old age I had one of them as a kid. Somewhere around the third grad I got it for my B’day. An interesting story to go with it. It was in a US Army flap holster and web belt. I was a little kid and My father hears the doorbell and there are two of NYPDs finest! Seems I left the gun gun in the holster on the back window deck of his car. It looked so real to the cops that they ran the plate and checked where we lived. I guess they went to the house that evening to prevent a gunfight. All was well in the end. My grandfather (NYPD MCY Officer) was home and it was quickly put to bed and the cops felt sufficiently foolish. Dad was not even mad I left it there.

    The slide moved backward on a spring when you pulled the trigger. It would pick up one of the plastic or wood bullets, I’m not sure which and use the spring force to send the bullet (what I remember to be a good distance) across the room.


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