S&W Model 625 Mountain Gun


We have another whell gun from our pal Karl Beining from www.KGBcustom.com. Karl supplies the weekly wheel gun porn for you degenerates. If you want custom gunsmithing done, go check out his website and consider giving him a call. This week we have the Mountain Gun in the classic .45 Colt.


  1. I like mine. A whole lot.

    .45 Colt can be loaded much hotter than factory loads when you have a modern gun, using modern steel. .45 Colt suffers as a cartridge from having safety issues in older Colt SAA’s, which will self-disassemble if you put a modern pressure cartridge into them.

    When I go hiking in the mountains, my 625 is my preferred sidearm.

  2. I am a sucker for those laminated wood grips. I’m not looking for another caliber, but I definitely wouldn’t kick that piece out of my gun safe.

    • If you have a .44 Mag, there’s no point in getting a .45 Colt. Can you load a .45 Colt to .44 Mag pressures? In some guns, with quality brass, yes.

      But then, at some point in our collective purchasing agendas, its no longer about “the point” and there’s just a want/need to have a particular gun.

      I just like .45 Colt as a cartridge. The default off-the-shelf rounds are lower pressure, (which means less noise if I have to light one off without hearing protection), and there are some huge bullet molds available for .45’s. But I have to admit, for other people, a 29/629 might make more sense. They’re going to be about the same weight – they’re all N-frame guns, which means “lots of mass on your hip.”

      • Yeah, I use 10mm for where a lot of folks would pick a .44 Mag or a .45 Colt. I recognize that there are things that those calibers do that 10mm won’t, but that Glock 20 and spare 15 round mag rode easy on my hips when I was out and about this weekend.

        Plus I picked up a no-lock S&W 610 for wheelgun fun, so I get the best of both worlds. I’d love to get a cowboy-style rig to carry the 610 in, just because. Some stocks like the one pictured on the 625 here would be good too, but I’ll take mine without the finger grooves. I don’t know who the model is for the finger grooves on revolvers, but he might as well be from an alien species because the peaks always seem to be right where I’d put a valley.

  3. Knew someone who had it in 44 mag. Said the thin barrel heated up so much that all accuracy was gone after six shots. Great otherwise.


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