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Master SGT Ho Thi Que “Tiger Lady” Of The 44th Ranger Battalion

This picture came up last night in one of the 1911 groups. You can see her pearl handled 1911 worn around the hip using a M3 shoulder holster. Interesting but the lady herself is more interesting.

She was a SGT in an ARVN Ranger unit and she was fearless. She would be at the front in attacks, she helped treat the wounded and in one case shaved her head in mutual grief with one of the wives of a fallen ARVN Ranger.

Now comes the sa part. That gent behind her was her husband, a Major in the ARVN Rangers. The local newspapers reported she walked in on him cheating on her one day and he was forced to defend himself. He killed her during the “self defense”. The cheating part may or may not be true. It was widely known he was very jealous of her accomplishments and high stature among the troops and public. More believe he just killed her out of jealousy than the concocted story.

2 thoughts on “Master SGT Ho Thi Que “Tiger Lady” Of The 44th Ranger Battalion”

  1. I finally got a chance to read this. That pearl handled 1911 is interesting. Even more interesting that she used a shoulder holster as a regular holster. I agree with your theory that husband just waxed her on a whim. That is too bad.

    • there are a lot of pictures of Vietnamese using the M3 holster like that. They liked the cowboy look of it I think. and the shoulder strap was way to big to fit them snug like it does western sizes


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