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12 thoughts on “A+ For Effort”

  1. If it’s Nigeria (or even if it’s elsewhere in Africa) caps and propellant are made locally; main reason ‘Daneguns’ are still popular; super cheap, easy to feed, ‘untraceable’.

  2. Black powder isn’t that hard to make at home. I’m not sure about caps, but it seems like that could probably be handled with at-home chemistry also.

      • You don’t need *all* the Africans to be capable of it, just a few of them.

        As a kid, my dad used to make black powder using the stuff he bought at the drug store and the recipe in the encyclopedia. And when I say “a kid,” I think he was like 10, not 15. Figuring out the recipe for gunpowder was literally rocket science. Following the recipe isn’t.

  3. It only has to vaguely resemble an AKM silhouette from a distance to do its job. Probably an easier feat to accomplish in some villages than others.


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