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6 thoughts on “What Happened here?”

  1. An acquaintance of mine once bought a demilitarized rifle (I want to say it was an SMLE of some sort…) on which someone had very carefully filled in the hole that had been drilled into the chamber. The plug failed on about the third shot, and the resulting case looked a lot like this.

  2. I honestly have no idea. I’ve seen lots of “WTF?!” stuff on guns, so… it could any one of three or four things.

    Seeing what some people do to Mosin’s leaves so many possibilities we’ve never, ever considered. Bubba is an inventive guy. I’m not saying that Bubba has good ideas, I’m saying that Bubba has lots of ideas, and to quote Uncle Joe: Quantity has a quality all its own.

    • This reminds me of working in a tool repair shop, where I would get stuff fixed every which way but right. The levels of misplaced ingenuity were astonishing.

    • Yea, I know.

      I heard a good one the other day – “Uncle Joey Sexknuckles” – I thought that was better than “Uncle Joesniffer.”


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