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2 thoughts on “Remington Model 8”

  1. I’ll take it! Oh, wait……

    An old runnin’ buddy was quite taken with the 8/81 series of rifles and was of the opinion that the 35-cal was the one to have because you could use 158-grain JHP .357 bullets for economical reloading, even back-in-the-day when the 30 and 32 Remington were still relatively findable.

  2. The semi-auto that started the trend in sporting semi-autos. Another product of the genius of John Moses Browning (queue the Tabernacle Choir).

    It’s a shame that they’re so collectable today for ones in really nice shape or upper grades, because they are (and were) such excellent hunting rifles. I’ve run into a couple of them here in Wyoming that are still in use as elk rifles in .35 Remington. It’s a good round, especially on bigger beasts. In the mid-30 caliber rifle rounds (non-magnum) I’d recommend, the .35 Remington is first, then the .35 Whelen, then the 9.3×62 Mauser. They’re all good, they all drop heavy game well.


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