The Iconic Model P Colt


What is more iconic than the Model P ? Who doesn’t like these? Commies I guess. I’ve always wanted an Artillery model. In .45 Colt of course. I was reading something the other day about guns so iconic that they are recognized any where in the world. Just by their outline. Doesn’t matter if the person knows anything about guns or not, they recognize things like the “Colt cowboy guns.”

I thought about that and it occurred to me Colt has made a lot of guns instantly recognizable by silhouette. The M1911 is one. So is the M16. Which brings up another conversation Howard and I have had. What version do you think of when some one says “M16”? For me it’s always the A1. That was the model I saw the most as a kid, and growing up. I saw the A1 in films and TV and the news countless times. By the A2 came out, it was already imprinted forever. Obviously your age will determine which on you think of. I believe Howard told me he always thinks of the A2. Of course he would because he is a filthy millennial.

The Thompson SMG is another one of those instantly recognizable guns. The Barrett M82 maybe. What else would you say?

Anyway. Back to the Model P. One of only two revolvers I would really like to have. An extra cylinder in .45ACP would be awesome. The other revolver I have long wanted is an Anaconda in .45 Colt. Not easy to find these days.


  1. Silhouette guns?

    L1A1 SLR aka FN FAL
    AK47 and friends
    .303 SMLE
    98K Mauser
    MG 34 AND MG 42
    Lewis Gun
    Bren Gun
    FN MAG 58

    S&W Model 19
    Beretta Model 92

  2. I agree with your M16 association. Reading about the Vietnam war in the Time-Life series of books was my introduction to the M16. Those images will forever define that rifle.


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