Thoughts from the range


Went to the range yesterday, shot my B&T APC9K with the Glock lower for the first time. Also shot a SCAR with silencer. Got to get some quality time behind the Trijicon MRO green dot optic.

I really like the Glock magwell lower for the APC9K. I bought the gun with the intent to get that and while I don’t like how long I had to wait, it was worth it. The mag release and bolt catch are also easier to use on the Glock lower than the standard B&T lower.

I remember when the Trijicon MRO came out I read some early reviews and looked at the price tag and pass on it. There didn’t seem to be any reason to pick one over an Aimpoint. I didn’t even know Trijicon had come out with a green dot model like this one. Apparently they have announced a new model with an Eotech like reticle (MSRP somewhere in the $900ish). That is two options that Aimpoint does not have.

The MRO has fractionally more magnification than an Aimpoint and it is noticeable. All lenses will distort light to some amount. I’ve read that Aimpoint lenses are something like 1.03X and the MRO something like 1.05X. Seems like a trivially small difference but it feels very different looking though the optic.

Indoors when I first looked though the MRO, I thought that extra tiny bit of magnification was extremely noticeable and distraction and I thought that the optic was garbage. But using it out doors, live fire, I found it just fine to use. Felt weird having uncovered adjustments on the MRO, but they worked fine. It is plenty bright and worked fine.

While the MRO is small, it feels a good bit bigger than an Aimpoint T-1. On a small gun, I would always pick the T-1. Well, hell, I’d ALWAYS pick the Aimpoint over the MRO. But I think the MRO would feel fine on a normal or larger gun.

The MRO seemed perfectly serviceable, but I wouldn’t pick one over an Aimpoint unless I needed that green dot or circle dot reticle.

I think I’ll write about the SCAR at a later date. I was rather disappointed with it.


  1. My range finally opened yesterday after 2 months of Chines Plague closure. I warmed with 150 rounds of .38 through my Smith M67 and it felt damnbgood. I’ll be taking the 1911 along today.

    Trigger time is happy time!

  2. The 17 is a very good rifle and I would take it over a M1A anyday of the week. I dont think I would take it over a SR25, LMT, LE901, or another, high quality AR10/M110. The penchant furniture to destroy optics is also a problem. I would like to try the Robenson XCR at some point.

    The 16 seems to survive on SOCOM’s brief adoption of it and FNs marketing. It certainly isnt a G better than a high quality AR. I like the features and egos of the ACR better.

  3. Vortex Spitfire 1xs are where it’s at for me.
    The old discontinued version on ADM QD mounts. Etched reticle of a dot plus 2 rings — super fast. About 2x the weight of MRO.

    Try moving that MRO back closer to your eye — much brighter and larger FOV than forward.

    • *But I do agree w/ micro red dots having their place (especially for truck and backpack guns and the like) — and that the MRO really doesn’t fill that role.

  4. Nice to hear folks seeing their ranges opening.I am grateful to live in a area with a lot of land,a lot of folks in the area shooting at their home ranges ect.


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