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Wuhan Strain Update 5/11/202

I think we have reached a transition period here on the covid coverage. I’m not sure if it ‘s worth continuing. I’m starting to wonder if I should pivot to the civil rights violations, economic damage and growing civil grumbling over the idiotic lockdowns still going on.

  • White House pledges $11 billion for state aid
  • US deaths pass 80k
  • Western states request $1 trillion in aid
  • NY Fed study shows ‘PPP’ money mostly went to most-banked regions
  • Trump spars with PA gov
  • US just below 80k deaths
  • Wuhan to test entire city after latest outbreak
  • Cuomo says central NY on track to reopen Friday
  • South Carolina reopens restaurants for ‘limited service’
  • Iowa Gov says she will do limited quarantine
  • WHO says 500k could die from AIDS thanks to disruptions in antiviral distribution
  • South Korea’s latest cluster swells to 80+; school reopenings delayed
  • Wuhan reports first new cases since reopening
  • Germany hits another reopening ‘speed bump
  • Iran sees spike in infections, reimposes lockdown in one hot spot
  • Disneyland Shanghai reopens
  • UK officially switches from ‘Stay at Home’ to ‘Stay Alert’
  • Russia reports another record jump
  • Tokyo accused of excluding 100 cases from official count
  • Spain sees new cases drop to 2 month low
  • Dozens of US states take more dramatic steps toward reopening

2 thoughts on “Wuhan Strain Update 5/11/202”

  1. Lifting the lockdown doesn’t mean that the party is ending. It means the party is just getting started.

    And we have barely even started on the second- and third-order effects of this thing. I cannot for the life of me figure out why anybody thinks that 24,000+ is a good number for the Dow.

    I mean, if you want to stop doing these, I’m not going to complain. But there’s still tons of fun yet to be had from King Flu. I still read them.


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