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7 thoughts on “Repeating Single Shot Shotgun”

  1. Lots of folks might wonder “Why? Why would someone put all that effort into making such a bizarre mechanism, much less buying one and mounting it on a single-barrel shotgun?”

    In today’s gun market, with cheap pump-action shotguns, this device seems like the Pedersen Device – a extravagant waste of time and effort. But the market for shotguns pre-WWII (and especially pre-WWI) was flooded with many, many cheap single-barrel, break-action shotguns, sometimes called “farmers’ guns.” These were cheap, single-shot shotguns, and before 1900, often made with cheap forge-welded barrels that had to be fed only black-powder ammo. Some of the forge-welded barrels came from the barrel shops in Europe that could also make some of the highest quality Damascus barrels.

    Anyway, farmers’ guns were cheap. In an era where a good quality, but very basic (ie, no embellishment, very rudimentary finishing, very plain wood), American double gun (eg, Parker Bros, AH Fox, LC Smith, etc) might be had for $25, I’ve seen ads from around 1900+ where a farmer’s gun might cost you $6 to $8 – which would be about $150 today.

  2. Hah! My Dad sent me that video yesterday. At first, it looked a bit Rube Goldbergian but it seems to work well. Pretty clever.


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