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Langdon Tactical Revolutionizes the PX4

(Pheonix, AZ) – Langdon Tactical has revolutionized the Beretta PX4 platform again, with the brand new Optimized Performance Trigger Bar (OPTB). Following the success of the 92 series Optimized Performance Trigger Bar released last year, the company has meticulously reengineered the PX4’s trigger bar to provide the best possible performance for the polymer DA/SA pistol.

The LTT Optimized Performance Trigger Bar for the PX4 reduces reset to less than a tenth of an inch in single action and significantly reduced overtravel, setting a new standard for the Beretta PX4 Platform.

The PX4 OPTB is machined from A2 tool steel, heat treated to a Rockwell hardness rating of 52 HRC, and finished with an NP3 coating, producing an incredibly durable bar that will last through years of hard use.

Langdon Tactical’s NP3 PX4 Optimized Performance Trigger Bar is available now for 9 mm and .40 cal PX4 pistols as an option on the Langdon Tactical PX4 Carry & Compact Carry models, LTT’s PX4 Trigger Job in a Bag kit, and individually for an MSRP of $67.00 at www.LangdonTactical.com.

Installing the Langdon Optimized Performance Trigger Bar should be performed by a qualified gunsmith or by the team at Langdon Tactical.

2 thoughts on “Langdon Tactical Revolutionizes the PX4”

  1. I had a full sized PX4, but wound up trading it for something else.

    The Langdon model seem to have corrected 2 of my biggest complaints with the gun: slick grips and making it a G model with the low profile levers.

  2. “Langdon Tactical has revolutionized the Beretta PX4 platform again”

    Ah! They put the safety in the right place? Oh, just the trigger bar? Oh, it says they *revolutionized* the PX4, not that they *fixed* it.

    A relative owns one of these. It is kind of an odd bird. There’s nothing really *wrong* with it, other than where Beretta put the safety. But there’s not much really *right* with it either.


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