COVID-9 Update 4/29/2020

  • Elon Musk: “Give people their freedom back”
  • Japan plans to extend state of emergency
  • de Blasio threatens Williamsburg Jews with arrest after mass gathering
  • Italy’s recoveries outnumber new cases for 4th time
  • Starbucks to reopen 90% of US stores
  • North Carolina pug tests positive for COVID-19
  • Texas sees deaths surpass 700
  • Italy reports another slowdown in deaths
  • Florida reports promising drop in new cases
  • NY sees deaths steady at 335, latest ‘surveillance’ data shows 17% of FDNY/EMS in NYC likely infected
  • EU consumer sentiment plunges
  • UK industrial production at ~50% capacity
  • Trump asks governors to ‘consider’ reopening schools before end of academic year
  • UK launches massive study of 6 potential COVID-19 treatments
  • Poland joins growing list of EU states with plans to reopen
  • China reopens Beijing to outsiders



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