Well that was embarrassing.


So lets say there was a gun that I wanted. I found one for sale online in another state I could have shipped to my dealer, and there is one stilling at a store on the other side of my state.

I like to try and support gun stores in my state if they have what I want in stock, even if it is a little (or a lot in this case) over priced. I get up really early, hop in the car, and drive 3 hours to get there when they open.

Look at the gun, and it is in so-so shape. Very dusty, and the price has been marked up even higher. I get the dealer to go the price they had it listed online, and start the paperwork.

Well here is the embarrassing part. A month back I renewed my passport. During that time I dug up some old identification. I mixed up an expired drivers license with the current one, so for the last month I’ve been carrying a drivers license that expired in 2012.

Thus, I get to drive home 3 hours with no gun.

With how much they already had it over priced, I wasn’t going to pay more to put it on lay away or ship it to my local dealer. Might just order it now, as I really don’t feel like driving across the state again on another day.

On the other hand, with how high they have it marked up, I can be sure it will still be there if I do go back.


  1. Ouch. Well, we all have our own personal pressure points. If you really want it, that one in particular, nothing else is gonna scratch that itch. But in the heat of the moment, remember they almost always built more than just one.

    It would be my inclination to buy the one on line thereby supporting a local shop via transfer fee than drive three hours one way the second time to purchase something a critter had obviously marked up. The “dusty” presentation = it’s been there a long time and the change in price smells, especially if the dealer knew you were coming and I couldn’t tell from the narrative if he did. Either way, it seems to be an unethical mark-up and that would be the deciding factor for me.


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