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Kevin’s ( Hognose) Brother Checks In With Us

Hey guys, this is Brendan, aka Kevin’s “BlogBrother.” Hard to believe it’s been three years since his passing. I’m so grateful to LooseRounds for keeping Weaponsman alive. They are great guys.

If Kevin was alive today, the plane would be flying. It’s just me and although I have made a lot of progress, I’m probably looking at another year and a half. The fuselage, believe it or not, is mostly built. I’m working right now on the firewall which is the front of the fuselage – just like in a car, it keeps the hot’n’heavy machinery (engine) away from the precious cargo (my fanny.) When that is done, the “sheet metal” part of the project will be 95% finished. Then comes endless hours of plumbing, wiring, fiberglass work, etc., on and on, world without end, amen. But I’ll get there.

Someday, hopefully not too far off, I will work on getting some of Kevin’s unpublished manuscripts, you know, published. He had about five books that were 90% written. My plan would be to put them on line at Amazon and have the proceeds split 50/50 between the Special Forces Foundation and the scholarship we have set up for him at Worcester State University. That scholarship is ONLY open to ex-military which is a nice touch.

Not many people could say they have made friends all over the world. There are probably 50 countries where someone knew Kevin and would be happy to buy him a beer. Sadly, that opportunity will never come, but it’s a great legacy for my brother.

5 thoughts on “Kevin’s ( Hognose) Brother Checks In With Us”

  1. Hi Brendan,thanks for checking in and letting us know the plane is still happening!I also want to say thanks again for letting readers of the blog attend Kevin’s service,was a nice sendoff.I have visited Boscowen and will again when back in the homelands.I hope you and family doing well in these interesting times and would be very interested in Kevins “unpublished “works when you have the time to get them out,takck care,James

  2. Thanks Brendan, glad to hear the plane will fly one day.

    Like many he touched I imagine, I hoped to cross the planet and meet Kevin one day to talk about soldiering and firearms and maybe have a beer or three with him. That won’t happen, so it will just have to be a horn of mead in Valhalla sometime.

    I would be interested in buying the books if that pans out.

    Best wishes to you and yours in these strange times.

    Cheers from Australia



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