Directions Not Clear, Bolt In Backwards


A guy I’m friends with on FB posted this last night. Some guy brought it into his shop asking him to fix it. It was another Ar15 “builder” who was giving it a try the first time who managed to pull this off some how.


  1. Is… Is that bolt face flush with the rear of the receiver the way it looks to be? How in the f**k did he manage that?!?!?!? How the hell did he get the charging handle closed on the gas key???????

    Dude, in twenty-five years around Arms Rooms and ranges in the Army, always being the “go-to guy” for fixing the stupid sh*t that people did… I’ve never, ever seen anything like that. Ever. I can’t even see how the f**k it would be physically possible.

    • Kirk, you really need to get out some more. You’ve obviously been hiding out in Competentville.

      As I’ve said before, there’s a reason I usually don’t work on AR’s for other people. The “Builder Bob” types are the reason why. I’ve seen some stuff that makes it a real challenge to keep a straight face. My favorites are the guys who don’t want to spend the money to buy the correct tools for the job, and use whatever they’ve got laying around to screw an AR together. My favorite among these guys are the “I don’t have a strap wrench to put on the free-float handguard, so I’ll use a pipe wrench instead…”

      • feel much better about using drill bits as slave pins when installing an AR trigger. Granted we issues with the castle nut, but a cheap armorer’s wrench and a center punch solved it

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