Useless But Looks Cool


This is a screen shot from a video of a guy shooting a 7.5 inch barrel AR in .308. It looks really cool but its dumb. Of course shooting is fun and stuff like this is fun for a lot of people. I prefer stuff to have a real use. But the last few years in the gun world the first rule of guns is “always look cool”


      • Agreed. There needs to be a word for what amounts to “tacti-stupid”, and short-barreled 7.62 NATO is deep into that category.

        I once saw a guy fire a full-auto HK53-size 7.62 built on a civilian HK91 host that he’d somehow stuffed a belt feed from an HK21 underneath of. Along with a full-auto trigger pack and the requisite BATF paperwork. He was actually proud of his creation, and I watched him fire the damn thing on a range, from a safe distance. As you can probably imagine, it did not survive the first full belt before it blew up, but it was loud as fuck while it lasted. Actual tactical utility? Zero. Amount of money wasted on it? Somewhere north of thirty grand, in 1990s dollars.


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