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Possible Big News from NK tonight


Word is coming in that he is Brain Dead

5 thoughts on “Possible Big News from NK tonight”

  1. I’m trying, really trying, to muster a fuck to give…

    Nope. No can do.

    It’ll be interesting to see if his sister takes power, assuming he is DOA. And, where things go from there.

    ‘Tis highly ironic, though… The fat bastard may have kicked off during the only moment where his death would probably go entirely unheralded. I mean, oil futures are hovering somewhere near zero, COVID-19 has the world in quarantine, and… It’s enough to make you laugh hysterically at the sheer irony of it all.

    • Yeah, the exciting part will be the succession, especially in the midst of a global crisis. Governments have proven pretty resilient so far in the face of Kung Flu. NK might be the first to have major problems.

  2. South Korean sources are now saying there’s nothing wrong with him.

    I suspect that in a week, we’ll know for certain one way or the other.


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