Panic Ammo Hoarding Mode


Gun shop owners report while there are no weapon shortages yet, a run on ammo has undoubtedly been seen across the country. 

Foundry Outdoors 

Outdoor Limited

Ammo Board

White Birch Armory

Freedom Munitions

People are loading up on weapons and ammo because the country looks like it may be descending into chaos. 

I guess when the chips are down American’s still realize the worthless government ultimately can’t help them and being armed is still the number one way to take care of yourself.


  1. I reload. Just made up 500 rounds of .38 Special because I’m an old school wheelgun guy so that’s what I go to first. Now making 100 rounds of .357 Magnum. Next will be 1000 rounds of 9mm.

    For the first time in 20 years I also bought factory loads for my centrefire rifles as I don’t have much spare time after the pistol calibre loading. About 500 rounds of .204 Ruger, .22 Hornet and 6.5×55 Swede.

    I also have about 6000 rounds of rimfire…. .22LR, .22 WMR and .17 HMR.

    I think I’m as good as I can be right now. Just wishing that I had a damn shotgun.

  2. Darn good thing I started reloading right after the obama shortage in 2012. I don’t use much .22LR and only buy a brick on Black Friday sales. 3 bricks of Winchester M-22. I reload 9mm., 5.56/.223, 300BLK, .308/7.62X51, 30-06, 303 British, 350 Legend and 458 SOCOM. I’m not even sure how much I have, at least several thousand rounds covering all the calibers, several hundred for each. Too many for me to sit down and count each one, even with this stay at home stuff. I’m not THAT bored yet.
    I don’t load shot shells for my 20 Gauge yet, I don’t shoot it much and shells are fairly cheap.

  3. I was going to start reloading to save money, the crazy convinced me to tool up for all the calibers I use. Unfortunately primers and popular powders are also in short supply. On the bright side on my last shopping trip the big box had a shelf full of cheap .22 and some .38 an 9mm. Also my first batchs of .308 Winchester and .38 Special worked as expected so I am encouraged.

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