Hate mail Part 8


The only thing I’m sure about; js that Shawn is really dumb.”-Mike

Mike didn’t like the PSA joke meme. He called me dumb, after writing that engrish sentence .. PSA owners do not have any sense of humor at all.


  1. Shawn may not be able to speak, but he certainly writes well.
    And I need mind bleach after considering what a male’s ( I presume Mike is Male) period must be like.

  2. Happy Patriots Day all,shame what happened to the state of Mass. since,hope to return to it some day and see it a bit more free!

    Tis also the anniversary of the Waco massacre,perhaps we need another Patriots Day?

  3. I own several PSA rifles. Still looking for a link to the article that people are sending you hate mail about. PSA is kind of like an ugly chick. A cheap date, eats what you feed it (most of the time), and bangs when you want, except sometimes it won’t for no good reason. You wish you had something better with you when your friends see you, but some of your friends (the weird ones) think it’s hotter than anything else.


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