Tacoma Man Shoots Self, Suing SIG


A Tacoma man who was shot as he put his Sig Sauer pistol in a holster has sued the company for millions, alleging the firearms have a history of going off without the trigger being pulled.

Cody Hoefs argues the company knew about the defect and failed to do a mandatory recall.

“… Sig Sauer concealed and propagated a defective deadly weapon so as not to jeopardize a $580,000,000 contract with the United States military, whereby it chose to put profit over the safety and well-being (of) both law enforcement and the general public,” the lawsuit says.

The model, the Sig Sauer P320, was the subject of a CNN investigation in 2018.

News Tribune attempts to reach Sig Sauer for comment were not successful.

The lawsuit, filed Feb. 26 in U.S. District Court in Tacoma, gives this account:

Hoefs was at home Nov. 23, 2016 when he put his loaded pistol in the holster.

The gun went off “with no prompting while fully-seated in its Sig brand holster,” and Hoefs suffered a gunshot wound to his right thigh and lower leg, the complaint says.

The lawsuit lists a series of similar incidents in which Sig Sauer guns went off “without the trigger being pulled, or simply while being handled, accidentally dropped, or while being holstered.”

In one instance, a SWAT team member sued the company in 2017 in Connecticut. He alleged that he was shot in the knee when a P320 discharged without the trigger being pulled.

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  1. Yeah, I’ll take “Dumbass holsters pistol with foreign object obstructing holster and actuating trigger…” for a thousand, Alex…

    More than likely, a bit of shirt-tail, and dummy here goes to lean forward and/or pull it out. Like as not, he doesn’t even know that he’s got the damn fabric inside the holster, and that it pulled the trigger. I’m not fond of the design of a lot of concealment holsters for the Glock for just this same reason–If you’re putting the gun into the holster, it’s out and in front of me, and then I clip the holster wherever it is going. Belt holster, I’ll trust myself to holster the pistol once I’ve swept jacket, shirt, or whatever out of the way. Anything else, nope. Not gonna try it, if the holster is inside the belt. Seen that game played before, and I don’t like the odds.

    At some point, you’ve just got to let evolution work itself out. It ain’t pretty, but eventually the foolish and feckless will weed themselves out of the gene pool. All you need to do is let Mother Nature do her work, and we’ve been interfering with that work for far too long.

    Frankly, I think EMTs ought to be doing an assessment at the scenes of these sorts of things, and should just hold off on treatment until things work themselves out. Odds are, idjit here didn’t even have a tourniquet or much of any first-aid gear going, and would have removed his genes from the pool if they’d let things take their natural course. Ya can’t holster a pistol safely, something is wrong with you, and you entire genetic lineage needs to be culled.

    Could be wrong, and the 320 is defective. Doubt it, though–This is just like the Audi and Toyota recalls for their “sudden acceleration syndrome”, where the drivers were mashing on the accelerator rather than the brake they thought they were. As another sign that this dude ain’t that smart, SIG has had that recall out for how long, now? I promise you that as soon as I was aware of it, when my Glocks had the upgrade available back in the day, I had it applied and did not rely on them for a damn thing, until I did. You have to be smarter than the mechanism, ya know…?

  2. “Smarter than the mechanism”?
    Good luck with that, by definition half the populace has an IQ of less than 100.
    And of the 15% who are seriously mentally or emotionally ill, it skews toward those with higher IQ’s.

  3. Stuff like this is why I haven’t removed the thumb safety from my S&W Shield. I use the safety for adminstrative handling as a backup for good trigger discipline.


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