1. Different Strokes…. Wonder if this paint/coating can be easily removed? IMHO, If not i would think it would definitely negatively affect the value of the weapon.

    • Kirk, cheap booze.
      some of the best advice my Father ever gave me was “Son, NEVER drink cheap booze or kiss an ugly woman”.

      • Naah… I’ll have to leave booze aside, as an explanation. I can’t see someone pulling that off drunk enough to think it was a good idea. They had to do that sober, with malice aforethought. Dipping ain’t something you can really do, in a drunken stupor. Which I would have to be in before I thought that was a good idea…

        Of course, given that it’s a late-model Kimber, maybe the idea is that if he pulls it on someone and suffers a failure to fire, the appearance alone will incapacitate the assailant…? Poor bastard confronted with that thing in a dark alley will probably be vomiting uncontrollably within seconds. Either that, or curled up in a fetal position with hysterical laughter: “Monster Energy-themed pistol…? Seriously…? HAAH HAH HHAHAH HAHAHH HHAH HAHH HAHAH AHAHA HHAHHA…”

        Dude pulls that thing on me, though, and I’ll beat him to death with it after it misfires just for the sheer affront on my delicate aesthetic sensibilities. Not even a Kimber deserves that sort of visual abuse.

        • its interesting to me what you guys picked up on as funny as opposed to what I originally thought was funny and why I posted it. To me the humor came from him thinking he could make a Kimber less valuable th those pieces of shit already are


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