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RAM Night Sights for Canik and Taurus Pistols

Fort Worth, TX (April 8, 2020) – XS® Sights has expanded its high-performance 3-Dot RAM™ Night Sight line to include the Canik® TP9SF series and Taurus® G2 pistols.

The RAM (radioactive material) night sights offer the brightest 3-dot sight option for fast and accurate shooting in bright and low light.  Featuring a traditional 3-dot tritium, notch and post sight picture, the rear sight of the RAM is blacked out to increase contrast against the front sight which is available in bright orange or green.  The front sight features XS’s proprietary Ember® Glow Dot technology which absorbs ambient light and glows in low light.  The front tritium lamp in the RAM sight charges the Ember Glow Dot, making the front sight glow brighter than the rear, keeping your focus down range.

Fine-tuned for Law Enforcement use, RAM sights are purpose driven tools that ensure front sight visibility in any light.

Other key features include a rear sight overhang that reduces glare in bright light for greater sight definition.  The anti-reflective rear tritium lenses also reduce glare in daylight while increasing contrast against the front sight.  RAM sights also have a rear sight ledge to aid in one-handed slide manipulations. 

The orange front sight contrasts best in bright light and the green glows best in low light; however, people see color differently and eye-sight issues can affect which color performs best for each individual.

RAM Night Sights were designed to overcome three common issues with 3-dot tritium sights:

1 Confusing the front dot with one of the rear sight dots when under stress

–   The brightly colored Ember Glow Dot in the RAM front sight is a much larger and brighter which differentiates the front dot from the two rear dots.

2 The 2-dot tritium rear sight glowing brighter than the front sight drawing the eyes there instead of towards the downrange threat.

• The Ember front sight is significantly brighter than the rear tritium lamps.

3 Tight sight pictures

• RAM Night Sights use a notch that is 15% wider than the front sight, allowing more visible light around the front sight.  This makes it easier to see the front sight in changing light conditions and when shooting on the move, aiding in sight alignment and increasing accuracy.

RAM Night Sights are CNC machined from bar-stock steel and treated with a hardening and rust-preventative coating making them extremely durable and reliable additions to your firearm. Front blade width is 0.145” (3.68 mm) and the notch width is 0.170” (4.32 mm). While height varies by model, all models fit standard holster options. Designed for simple installation by hand or with a sight pusher tool. All XS sights are backed by a 10-year, No-Questions-Asked Warranty and supported with our world-class customer service.

Retail Price: $100 to $120 depending on the model

For more information on XS Sights, visit xssights.com or call 1-888-744-4880.

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