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12 thoughts on “Colt Offensive Weapon”

  1. based on the Double Eagle… good gun, too heavy. mine has void in trigger, and front sight went awol… now wearing old Tasco red dot.

  2. I got to handle one of those things that got out into the wild after the testing. I don’t know if it was a participant in the tests, or a prototype, but… Man, was that thing rough, as in “I’ve seen better toolroom prototypes knocked together by third graders with access to their dad’s hand tools…” rough. Ergonomics were like a complete afterthought, and the whole package just reeked of “I don’t give a f**k for how this looks, feels, or handles…”.

    Would probably have made an excellent improvised boat anchor for the SEAL teams, though…

    The entire idea of an “offensive pistol” is just exceedingly silly. I don’t think that anybody in SOCOM ever took a MK23 out of the Arms Room for a real-world mission, but I stand to be corrected by those with actual knowledge. I know most of the guys I knew over on the teams in First Group were completely unappreciative of the things, and looked at them as one more goddamn toy they had to inventory when they did the Arms Room gig.

    Only civilians I knew who bought them were guys who were either Walter Mitty types, or HK collectors with a completionist fetish.

    • I’m unclear on how a pistol based on the beautiful 1911 could wind up so ugly.

      The fact that they named it the C.O.W. may have been a clue that it should have been slaughtered.

      • OK… I’ve been staring at pictures and videos of that pistol for about a half-hour (and, I would like to extend the diametric opposite of “Thank you” for making me do that…), and I still can’t see where there’s much of anything carried over from the 1911, aside from the caliber. Could you enlighten me as to what they copied? Because I’m just not seeing it.

        Not trying to be too much of a smart-arse (just a little, though…), but I am curious.

        • “Based on” is definitely ill-stated. “Inspired by” is maybe a better term. The slide stop and the safety are definitely 1911-esque, even if they aren’t the same SKU.

          And the ad puts both pistols in the same ad, meaning that Colt itself was trying to put the COW into the lineage of the 1911, rightly or wrongly.

          And you’re welcome. 😉


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