They Were Surprised By The FOOM!


An Oregon man faces criminal charges after police say he ignited and tossed a large firework during a parking lot spat and accidentally set four moving trucks on fire — as well as someone secretly siphoning gas from one of them.

The wild blaze erupted early Sunday morning in Eugene when Dylan Thomas Hannah, 28, got into a verbal altercation with a woman in her 30s outside a U-Haul storage center on Oroyan Avenue about 5:45 a.m., police said.

During the exchange of words, Hannah lit a mortar-style firework from inside his car and threw it at the woman ( a perfectly rational thing to do), who ran for cover, said Melinda McLaughin, a Eugene Police Department spokeswoman.

Oregon man tosses lit firework at woman, sets 4 U-Hauls, hapless gas thief on fire, cops say
Dylan Thomas Hannah (Lane County Sheriff’s Office)

The subsequent blast sent sparks flying through the U-Haul parking lot, police said. Some of the burning embers landed near a bank of moving trucks where, unbeknownst to the quarrelers, a man had been siphoning gas.

Talk about wrong place at the wrong time.

Four moving trucks burst into flames, McLaughlin said. So did the unsuspecting gas thief, who was spotted fleeing the scene with his pants and sleeves on fire.

“Suspected was last seen running southbound while on fire”

Police later tracked down Hannah and booked him into the Lane County Jail on suspicion of second-degree criminal mischief, reckless burning and reckless endangerment, records show.

The suspected gas siphoner remains at large, McLaughlin said.

It’s like a bad comedy. Or a good comedy depending on your sense of humor. The question out of all this is who the hell is stealing gas right now ehen its under $1.99 ?


  1. Ah Foom!It really never goes old even if one themselves had a injury free more Foom then expected moment!

    That said “friend” of course blames his girlfriend of time for downloading a boat load of recipes from the computer center at her college.

  2. Here’s a tip for anyone other than an EOD tech or a combat engineer: If your solution set to a problem includes high explosives? It’s probably not actually a solution, and will only make your problems worse.

    Just a friendly tip from someone who’s used explosives in social situations. Don’t. The only time you can get away with that sort of thing is when Uncle Sammy is footing the bill, and you’re wearing some sort of uniform. Even then, the use of high explosives should remain a last resort, because you do NOT want to be that guy trying to explain broken windows ten-fifteen miles away from the blasting range you were using…


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