Wuhan COVID-19 Update 4/7/2020

  • Russia reports another concerning jump in cases
  • Abe kicks off Japan’s 1-month state of emergency
  • Spain reports jump in deaths following drop over the weekend
  • Wuhan lifts lockdown
  • US death toll tops 11k
  • Italy reports another deceleration in cases + deaths
  • Spanish deaths tick higher
  • UK reports deadliest day yet
  • New York State reports biggest one-day jump in deaths with 731
  • France reports massive jump in deaths breaking above 10k; case total breaks above 100k
  • New Jersey also reports highest fatality numbers
  • Italy reports lowest jump in cases in a month
  • ICU admissions, intubations down significantly in New York
  • US cases accelerate faster than Europe’s
  • Wuhan residents crowd train platforms as they’re finally allowed to leave after 10+ weeks
  • De Blasio says ventilator shortage is easing
  • Israel imposes Passover lockdown, Irish asked not to visit holiday homes for Easter
  • 12 NYPD officers have died of COVID-19
  • Peterson poll shows 73% say COVID-19 has hit them in the pocketbook
  • India closes hospitals after cases confirmed
  • China reports-correct that, China lies about no daily deaths for first time
  • German health ministry unveils app to help track COVID-19 patients, something Germans are very good at doing
  • France prepares to ban jogging as lockdown tightens


  1. The total of deaths is hard to determine with any accuracy, Spain does not report deaths at home as Covid-9 deaths, some other countries do not report Covid -9 deaths if there was a co morbidity such as heart trouble or some form of immuno suppression.


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