The Colt Woodsman & Match Target


The Colt Woodsman, is one of those very fine and accurate handguns from a time long ago in a land far away when high quality target rim fire pistols made with care by craftsman was sold and appreciated by customers.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the design came from the mind of his Holiness John M Browning himself. Verily, has not all good things in life ? Like the 1911 it was further refined by Colt engineers and designers before it hit the market as the target model in the year 1915.

The Target Model was the base model and featured a 6″ barrel with adjustable front and rear sights

The Sport Model was designed as a field sidearm for hiking and camping in 1933 and had a 4.5″ barrel. Original versions were made with a fixed front sight in the first series, but by the latter half of production, an adjustable sight was available.

The Match Target Model debuted in 1938 and featured a heavier barrel with a one piece wrap-around grip known as the “elephant ear.”

The pistols have a deserved reputation for accuracy and they really are accurate. Meant to be used for about anything you want, they fill the role well. Sad to say Colt stopped production in 1977. The guns are not sought after by those in the know. Later in the 90s Colt came out with a kind of spiritual continuation in the Colt Cadet. Which I talked about a few months ago.

No where near as attractive or appealing, the cadet was meant to fill the void of the woodsman after about 20 years of the concept being dead. The cadet and target model are accurate guns but never had many fans. Not enough to keep it in production anyways.


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