Magpul Colored Pulls & Mags


Remember these? I bet a good portion of our readers don’t because they never saw them. Over 10 years ago Magpul made these Mag Pulls in a variety of colors to indicate what the loaded magazine was used for. You can see the color code on the package. I was looking for something else and found these in the giant footlocker of forgotten accessories.

I wish Magpul still made and sold these. I’ve heard that magpul still makes stuff like this for Mil/LEO agencies when asked. I have no idea though. Back then magpul made all kinds of neat stuff. Pmags could be bought in all those colors before they killed all colors off besides black and tan. They even teased a clear Pmag foe a while before nixing it. If memory serves, they couldnt get the see through polymer to be strong enough for their liking. A few images floated around of gun-celebs using them though and enough demand existed that Lancer swooped in and filled that demand.


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