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NEW Glock Extended Slide Release, Tyrant Designs

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (03/30/2020) – Tyrant Designs CNC, LLC is proud to debut our Glock Extended Slide Release for Pre Sale! Introducing the first ever Glock Extended Slide Release to be CNC Machined! Made from 6061 Aluminum and hardcoat anodized our drop in replacement Glock slide stop is the perfect upgrade for you pistol.

Our Glock extended slide release adds surface area and a raised texture that greatly improves usability for all! It is the perfect upgrade for conceal carry AND competition. Never again will your thumb slip while manipulating your Glock slide release!

One of the main flaws of the Glock Factory release lever is that it offers very little surface area and/or texture. This results in the operator occasionally slipping when attempting to manipulate the lever. Our Glock slide release offers an extended AND raised surface area to ensure easy manipulation of the Glock slide. It is easy to install, functions great and looks fantastic! Currently available for pre sale is;

Models: Glock slide stop lever Option 1

For Generation: Gen 2-4

For Gun Model: 17 19 22 23 24 25 26 27 31 32 33 34 35

Caliber: 9MM, .45, .357

Available in Black, Red, Grey, Blue, Gold, or Machined Aluminum for $27.95 with a Lifetime Warranty. Now available for pre purchase with an estimated ship date of April 30th, at www.tyrantcnc.com. Stay tuned for the launch of their Gen5, as well as 42, 43, 43x/48 versions as wel

3 thoughts on “NEW Glock Extended Slide Release, Tyrant Designs”

  1. It looks cool, but I don’t know that it is better than the Vickers/FBI lever.

    I always treated it as stop only and not a release on Glocks

  2. I wish there were a slide stop that was harder to manipulate than the stock one. My high-thumbs grip will lock the pistol open in the middle of a magazine pretty consistently every 10-12 rounds if I use the Glock extended slide stop. The stock stop is OK for me, but I have to be a little bit careful to pull my thumbs away from the slide. I have considered dremeling the outer portion of the slide stop off altogether. I carried a Beretta Nano for years and did not much miss the external part of the slide stop lever. One merely needs to keep an empty mag handy in order to lock the slide open.

  3. OT, if you haven;t seen the video of the 3D printed
    “F@#%K Gun Control 9” it’s a game changer and really nice little weapon.
    I tried to explain why to several people with little success, however they weren’t people who had ever gotten their hands greasy.
    The difference in capital outlay needed, the footprint including noise and smells and the skill level needed are so much less than conventional manufacture I was gobsmacked.
    You can print these puppies in a thin walled apartment without bothering the neighbors.


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