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Welcome To Plague Planet- Update 4/2/2020

  • Spain deaths pass 10k
  • Global cases pass 1 million mark
  • Infection in New Delhi slum sparks fears of mass breakout, we all know it’s going to be a mess there
  • PM Abe mocked for handing out ‘two masks’ to every Japanese household
  • British health official says “everybody is frustrated” about test shortage
  • UK’s Johnson says lockdown likely to last beyond April 15
  • Half the world on lockdown, AFP reports
  • World hits 50k COVID-19 deaths
  • Italy cases, deaths continue to level off
  • France reports drop in new cases
  • UN climate summit canceled. shame.
  • Singapore reports 49 new cases
  • London’s Francis Crick institute develops rapid test
  • NY nears 100k cases, reports ~400 more deaths
  • Another Princess Cruises ship has confirmed COVID-19 cases aboard
  • Pence says US facing similar trajectory to Italy
  • Tokyo reports record 97 cases in a day
  • UN projects global economy will contract 1% in 2020
  • Putin extends Russian shutdown
  • Philippines’ ambassador to Lebanon dies of COVID-19

Wuhan’s first known virus patient begins developing symptoms on Dec. 1, according to a paper published Jan. 24 in The Lancet medical journal.

5 thoughts on “Welcome To Plague Planet- Update 4/2/2020”

  1. If PM Abe have my household two masks, that would be two more masks than I currently have or expect to acquire commercially between now and May 15th.

    From what I’m reading, there are lots of hospitals that would love another couple of masks.

  2. If you look at Italy’s death toll Dr Fauci’s estimate of 200K deaths in the USA is laughable.
    The absolute lowball estimate for Sonoma County alone ( Pop 500K) is 5,000).
    Twice that would be less than I expect, this over the next few months.
    Exponential growth is like this.
    Not much happening.
    Not much happening, not much happening.
    A little more happening, but still not much.
    The same again today.
    More happening but no real problem.
    Holy SHIT!

    • We would have to slow the rate of doubling PDQ to keep the total under 200,000. Doubling every 3 days for 15 days puts us at 118k. If that’s the peak and the halfway point, then we’re at almost 250k.

      I’m cautiously hopeful that lots of places locked down early enough and hard enough to get the R0 down fast. But we shall see. And 100k is almost a certainty at this point.

  3. Spain is now reporting a 10% mortality rate.
    The “Regular” ‘Flu is .1%.
    Italy is reporting a much higher mortality rate, however they test all who have died recently while Spain does not test the bodies of those who had serious risk factors such as age, an impaired immune system, heart disease and so on.
    The elderly frequently have these co morbidities and the cause of death is ascribed to them even when Covid 19 is present and very likely triggered the death.

    TEOTWAKI has arrived.


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