SOG Starlight Scope /CAR15


This picture is from SOG trooper Carl Franquet.

“Taken at Recon Co, CCS summer of 1969.” Carl reports that the gun and optic combo was not his and he took the picture as a glamour shot. He says he can’t recall who’s it was or anyone taking them on cross border missions.

It is a very cool picture nonetheless. A CAR15 with XM148 and Starlight scope attached is not something you see often.

Another SOG vet had this to say about the Starlight on the subject of SOG use.

“We had one up on Leghorn ( a high mountain peak in Laos with a outpost on the top manned by SOG as a radio relay site- Shawn) in 1971 during the Vietnamese push into Laos Route 9 campaign. Finally mounted it on an M16 to see if it was practical. Cool watching all the NVA trucks coming down the trail at night to counter the ARVN, but also a little unsettling to see the magnitude of their forces and camfires. The sky was ablaze with AAA during that time and the Specter gun ships, fast movers and B-52 Arc Lights worked the staging areas and convoys non stop”. – John Mcmillan


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