Mini Sniper Team


Hey. Lets have some fun today. Everyone could use a little distraction Let me show you something I first got about 20 years ago.

This is a USMC sniper 1/6th scale figure made by Bluer Box Toys in the year of our lord 2001. Sorry to say they went out of business long ago, so if you want one you are going to have to look hard.

The detail on this thing is pretty amazing.

The gun is a M40A1 with a Unertl 10X and the bolt will cycle. The sling is even a small strip of leather and looks just like a 1906 sling.

The cool thing was, I had to assemble the ghillie suit myself. The figure comes with some tweazer that you use to thread the jute through yourself by hand. Like assembling a model, it is time consuming. The Sniper also came with an M16A4 with an odd chromed BCG. You can see the padding on the front of his ghillie.

The balance of his gear is the M40A1, a radio, a camel back water bladder,spotting scope with tripod, ammo and pistol and knife.

After many years I found another one to act as a spotter to finish out the team. I picked up a third one still in the box. I am saving it as is though I have considered finding a 1/6 scale Barrett M82 to make it a three man team. But once you start stuff like that it turns into a entirely new hobbie to suck money away from buying guns or my Bluray collection of B movies and exploitation films. The temptation is strong though…

If this amused you let me know. I have a few more of these things One of them a SOG 1-0 that is pretty nifty.



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