ChAIDS-19 Update 3/31/2020


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  • US reports more than 500 deaths in a day for first time
  • Coronavirus death toll exceeds 9/11 death toll
  • US confirms largest one-day case jump
  • Russia reports jump in cases, deaths
  • Maryland, Virginia and DC all locked down
  • UK reports another 1k+ cases
  • France reports biggest 1-day jump in cases, death toll passes China’s
  • Global death total passes 40k
  • New York reports 14% jump in new cases
  • Thailand warns it will prosecute all “April Fools Day” coronavirus jokers
  • US death toll passes China’s
  • China plans to announce “asymptomatic” carriers of the novel coronavirus
  • New Jersey cements No. 1 spot, Calif. reports new batch of cases
  • NYC reports first minor died from COVID-19
  • Dr. Fauci warns he fears virus will return this fall
  • A Dutch centenarian survives COVID-19, joining an Italian man who did the same
  • Prince Charles exits isolation
  • Ford, GE warn 100-day window for producing 50k ventilators doesn’t start until April 20
  • Tokyo reports another rash of new cases tied to travelers
  • Spain reports third straight ‘deadliest day yet;’
  • Spain reports rental tenant-support package
  • Migrant in Greek camp tests positive
  • FEMA sends 250 ambulances to NYC, 500 paramedics
  • CDC weighs asking Americans to wear masks outside their homes at all times
  • Orban takes unilateral power in Hungary

But forget all that crap. Here is the real story of the week and its not the NY Gov’s nipple rings.

The man is a hero. A model to us all in these dark times.


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