No One Asked For This


Why? Who. Cares? Stop.


  1. So, is this a P7 type gas piston, or one like the Desert Eagle?

    Love these little BS clips, where the designers don’t explain sh*t about their “new and improved”.

    Gas operation has a place, but I don’t think it’s in a pistol. It sure as hell isn’t in a pistol with the gas-operated bits near the dust cover and trigger area–I think I’ve still got the scar tissue from my friend’s P7M13 that was missing the little protective bit in the front of the handguard.

    You need to include a heat shield in a pistol, you’re doing something wrong.

    • Lead buildup in the tube can be an issue too, buddy had to send a PSP home after it went full paperweight. Shortly later the little scrapers started showing up.

      • You’ll note that despite the theoretical benefits, precisely nobody besides HK, the poster-children for “Look at me make this nonsensical firearms mechanism work”, has actually successfully built a gas-operated service pistol in the history of ever? The litany of failures from the Steyr GB down through the rest of the various sad attempts should serve as warnings, but nobody pays attention.

        The other telling thing? The VG-15. Nobody has ever copied that gas-keeps-action-closed BS in a production firearm besides HK, whose sole corporate mission seems to be “Let’s make all the really bad ideas the Nazis had actually work…”.

        I remain skeptical that HK is anything other than a cruel joke perpetrated on the world by frustrated former members of the Nazi regime who unknowingly bankrupted their movement and nation, and have gone on to try to do the same thing to the rest of the world.

        In between his molestations of young boys, Arthur C. Clarke wrote an interesting little short story entitled “Superiority”. It’s a cautionary tale, one worth keeping in mind as you examine all the “New and Improved” people put on offer.

          • Canaris was on our side, remember… That dude did more for the Allies than many of our own politicians and generals ever did, and was executed by the Nazis for his troubles. Canaris and von Lettow-Vorbeck are two guys we all ought to remember with a bit more respect than we have. Both of them were old-school German patriots who refused to fall in with the Nazis. When the day comes here in the US, we should all hope to do as well at maintaining our integrity.

        • I agree about that Clarke story. It matches some events in history rather nicely.

          Let’s not overlook the Walther CCP which uses a gas delayed method just like the H&K. And I guess it has been successful enough to survive a total recall and the issuance of a M2 version.

  2. It may be the best thing to happen to pistols since smokeless powder, but what precisely makes it a 1911 if the operating system is different?

    That’s no more a 1911 than a Ruger 10/22.

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