Covid-19 Weekend Update 3/29/2020

  • Trump says he wants ‘travel advisory’ on NY area
  • Total COVID-19 cases tops 700k
  • US death toll passes 2k
  • Global total tops 660k
  • Ireland death toll hits 46
  • UK deputy chief medical officer warns life won’t be normal for 6 months
  • Mnuchin says decision on reopening economy will be ‘health decision’
  • Italy reports 2nd day of declines
  • Texas, RI, Florida & others bar people traveling from NY and surrounding area
  • France reports another 300 deaths
  • Medical evac flight to Tokyo crashes in Manila
  • Dutch reject masks made by Chinese
  • Inmate dies from COVID-19 in Louisiana
  • Even Spanish politicians criticized for traveling to vacation villas
  • Navarro suggests Chinese may have exposed US officials to virus
  • More than 700 NJ police officers test positive
  • Modi asks for “forgiveness” from India’s poor
  • Syria, Jordan report first deaths
  • Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards says his state needs more federal help or it will be quickly overrun
  • WHO criticized over treatment of Taiwanese journalists
  • Russia closes borders to foreigners Monday
  • US issues guidelines banning ‘protocols’ on rationing equipment


  1. howzat private healthcare thing working for youse?

    genuine question, asking for a swiss german friend.

    aesop etc welcome to enlighten us.

  2. Not all of my chemo is covered by medicare.
    The 32 hours in the hospital this month ran $88,393.22.
    February was more because I picked up food poisoning and had to be readmitted after 2 days during which I lost 8 pounds.
    Three days on IV Cipro.
    My share ran a bit over $142K.
    I have three more treatments to go.
    It does have to be done in a hospital setting with full telemetry because I am allergic to the only drugs that work for my type of Cancer.
    It;s a 24 hour continuous infusion.
    Overall, not bad, I’ve been getting the treatment I need and will file BK when it’s done.
    I’ll be one of the 500K a year who file BK over medical bills in the USA.

      • BK in this context would be bankruptcy. Nobody said freedom was free! Some people buy it with their lives, and other people buy it with crippling debt. But remember, anything less than being bankrupted over cancer treatment would be socialism.

  3. Tom,best of luck to you and hope all is well with your health soon!

    Nice to see the malaria drug is being used(very successfully it seems)and is going nation wide as a treatment,time will tell.

    I still say the close down cure worse then the disease,this will be a “interesting’ late spring/summer.


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