Assault Troop D-Day Load Original Items


This is a very impressive photo. It was taken by a collector who over the years accumulated all the items worn and carried by an assault troop on D-Day in WW2.


  1. Count the number of 8-round en bloc clips and do the math on conversion to number of M16 magazines that would have been if 5.56 was the round in those days.

    Let’s say you were jumping into France today. Does that seem like enough, even then? I don’t doubt the research behind the pic, I’m just sayin’, invading Europe and all……..

    “A man can never have too many books, too much red wine or too much ammunition.” R. Kipling.

    • that isnt everything they carried, that pic represents the basic, required amount of stuff. they carried a hell of a lot more than that. the first wave was famously over burdened with extra ammo and gear. which was lucky as the following waves as they resupplied off the dead of the first wave on Omaha

  2. Amazing to me that the first wave of the invasion was expected to also have 24hrs worth of K-rats (6 boxes), plus a couple D-rat bars, etc etc….
    Basically a 24hr existence load, plus more ammo than almost anyone short of a BAR gunner would actually shoot, and extra grenades or other ordnance (the Gammon bomb there) that probably just got dumped on the side of the road someplace and never used.
    And that was with a second wave coming right behind them the same day, and supplies literally within sight offshore.

    Seems crazy that they weren’t stripped down for speed. Then again, I’m a lifelong civilian who’s only a minor history nerd.

  3. It’s cruel to post a photo like this when the resolution is too low to make out what a third of the items are.

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