Wuhan Strain 19 Updates 3/24/2020


All the news that matters on Lung Pow Sicken

  • US reports more than 10k new cases in largest daily jump yet
  • Number of new coronavirus cases confirmed over last 2 days largest yet
  • NY Gov Cuomo says cases in his state doubling every 3 days while grandstanding on his daily TV show
  • Pentagon says 174 service members have coronavirus
  • Alaska orders visitors to quarantine
  • UK reports another jump in cases
  • US records more than 100 deaths in a day
  • India PM Modi announces 21-day nationwide lockdown that will be largest world has ever seen
  • Pelosi says ‘real optimism’ Congress could reach stimulus bill deal in the next few hours. all Americans shouldbe scared to hear that.
  • Global case total nears 400k
  • PM Abe, IOC agree to delay Tokyo Games 1 year, Paralympics still set to take place this summer
  • India expands lockdown
  • Italian designers making coronavirus face masks
  • Pakistan deploys army
  • Italy shuts down gas stations
  • Albania imposes 16-hour daily lockdown
  • Washington DC orders ‘non-essential’ businesses to close
  • Russia, Poland close more businesses, tighten restrictions
  • Myanmar, Laos confirm first cases
  • Dr. Birx says NY efforts will take 1-2 weeks to show progress
  • Steny Hoyer says 2-3 more economic stimulus bills could be on the way
  • Vatican refuses to close as 4 employees sickened
  • India bans export of ventilators
  • Trump to invoke DPA to produce 60k masks
  • G7 promises ‘whatever is necessary’ to save global economy
  • Thailand to declare state of emergency
  • Macau, Hong Kong tighten restrictions
  • Beijing lifts lockdowns on Hubei, Wuhan
  • Nearly half of UK watched Johnson’s Monday night address
  • Belgium reports 500+ new cases
  • European PMI offer first indicator of economic damage
  • German finance minister says more stimulus to come
  • Hawaii reports first death

Finally, the bad news: both the US and India are at the very start of the curve and things will get much uglier in the coming weeks before they get better.

Some more observations from JPM:

Global infections accelerated 14% d/d or 45,495 new cases over the last 24 hours to 381,499 according to Johns Hopkins, implying the global curve may be gradually shifting toward an early acceleration stage. The US (13,060 d/d), Spain (6,368 d/d), Italy (4,789 d/d) and Germany (4,183 d/d) reported the most new infections. In Asia, China’s Hubei reported one new infection after 5 days of no new increase. As recent infection spike in Hong Kong SAR and Singapore suggests, as long as the global infection curve is developing, premature relaxation of heightened community risk awareness could set off a rebound of a controlled infection curve or a second infection wave. From that vantage, China’s full lift on Wuhan city on 8-Apr bears close watching in our view as infections may appear to persist in society for at least one month. In ASEAN, 212 new cases were reported in Malaysia, taking total infection to 1,518. Our epidemiology model suggests a mid-April infection peak. Our Australian team reviewed the strategy taken by the government and introduced an epidemiology model, forecasting a possible peak in new cases around 15 April.


  1. I would hesitate to put any credence in any information about this coming out of Wall Street.


    The magnitude and speed of the sell-off in the last two weeks is an indication that they were caught off-guard, unaware and ignorant of consequences. In other words, they’re way late to this game.

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