Vietnam War Covert radio Transmitter


This is really neat. An X-ray of an M1 Garand stock with a radio transmitter inside.

Developed in the 60s for use in the covert war. The story is, an M1 would be left some where VC or PAVN troops would fine it after a fire fight with the trigger guard unhinged. They would pick it up and take it back to base areas and latch the guard. It would start transmitting and after it was stationary for a while it would be hit with an Arc Light strike. ( B-52 bombing). I can’t confirm if it was ever actually used or not.


  1. That’s one thing I love about the 60s. All the stuff they were dreaming up or trying. Did this work? I don’t know but clever idea.

    • They did end up using something similar that worked. They would recruit POWs and screened them in various ways for being untrustworthy They sent them through a few weeks of “training” to be double agents to let them believe they had MACV intel fooled. They lined their clothes with transmitters and inserted them into Laos, Cambodia, N Vietnam, etc. They let them make their way to the nearest PAVN troops and after a few days hit it with an Arc Light figuring they had the guy at a large base camp for debriefing.

  2. There’s a general lack of imagination in our military, these days.

    If I were running the system, every single released Taliban and other such-like creature would leave our control so thoroughly mind-fucked as to be utterly useless. And, what’s amazing is that this is possibly the most superstitious population on this planet, and our “intelligence” types can’t figure out how to take them out of action permanently.

    Take, for example, the freaks we released from Guantanamo: Those guys should have been released after a thorough “medical examination” that required some sort of arthroscopic surgery to their abdomen. Just enough to leave a scar–Treat them the way UFO abductees report being treated, but don’t actually implant anything in most of them. Then, release them.

    Following that, start rumors that the US had put tracking devices in all of them. Back that up with occasional precision strikes on these guys to make that look credible, and watch what happens as they go nuts self-mutilating themselves looking for the “magic”. Watch their bosses decide to kill them for security reasons, and then see what happens to any future detainees we might release. End of the day, you’ve at least disrupted the networks and scared the hell out of the enemy. Plus, of course, the amusement factor of watching them try to dig non-existent devices out of their bodies…

    Yeah, I’m a sick, vindictive man. Mienertzhagen is my hero.


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