S&W 500


You asked for more revolver stuff and I aim to please. So today lets taker a look at the S&W 500.

This thing is a beast. It weighs more than an M16A1. The 500 has been out for a while and everyone not brain dead or the kind of guy who spends 8000 on a magpul lower, knows about it.

Being all stainless steel, its meant for hard use. No deep bluing for these. There wouldn’t be much point in that. The 500 is meant to be a hunting sidearm. Killing grizz in Alaska or going back in time to take on some of the smaller dinos.

To tame some of the massive recoil, S&W very thoughtfully puts a comp on the muzzle.

This massive gun and round and the pressures involved means only 5 rounds in the cylinder.

If you are going to shoot this hand cannon with a scope you need a good one. Leupold makes scopes that will take the abuse. Mounted with Leupold rings and base, the gun is ready for handgun hunting.

The trigger is very nice as far as I can tell. I’m no double action wheel gun guy but I know a good trigger when I try one. When in single action, the trigger is just right. In double action in feels as slick as the Model 57 from a few weeks ago. The weight of the gun no doubt helps with that since you have it’s bulk helping you steady.

No, I am not going to shoot it for your gratification. So you can forget that right now. The cost of the ammo is too much of a burden on the owner and I have no desire to punish my wallet or hands.


  1. I love revolvers. I recognize that they’re not the current hotness for CCW for many people, but when you want to launch a hell-for-hot round, they’re the action of preference in handguns.

    Since I have some time in the next couple of weeks, I’d could write up something for your readers on how to evaluate a used revolver (or a revolver you own that might have issues). Revolvers have specific issues one needs to recognize and ID when buying a used revolver to know how much money might be requires in ‘smithing to put the action right again. Any interest?

  2. by lucky coincidence i got to shoot some of them with sponsored ammo (magtech, iirc).

    the 10,5″ big brute shot suprisingly civilized, putting a $#¡±eating grin on any revolverguy’s face;

    the 4″er is a hoot, a few cylinders double action were “best fun w clothes on” kinda fun for a vid thats sadly gone after the importer went tango uniform;

    and the 2¾” snubbie should be just perfect for alaska etc, even when missed the bear will still be hors de combat, whatwith gone deaf blind and on fire.

    yeah, @dyspeptic, please write.


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